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Product Description

Supporting liver health through a unique formula – BElixz LIVCORE contains Broccoli Seed Extract, Milk Thistle Extract, Artichoke Extract, French Oakwood Extract, and Turmeric Extract.

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This product is not intended to reverse the effects of noxious agents that cause liver damage (Example: alcohol).

Broccoli Seed Extract

A patented proprietary process produces the extracts to conserve the actives. The active component, glucoraphanin, is found in the highest concentration in broccoli seeds.

Milk Thistle Extract

A standardised herbal extract rich in silymarin. Contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Artichoke Extract

Contains antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects to help protect from excessive free radicals.

Turmeric Extract

Tetrahydocurcuminoids (THCs) are patented extracts from yellow curcuminoids found in turmeric. THCs have stronger antioxidant compared to curcumin.

Oakwood Extract

A patented natural extract from French Oakwood, is an exclusive source of health-promoting polyphenol roburins.

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